Credit Card Processor

Proficio Bank offers flexible, equity funding products that support your company’s relocation activities.  We provide you the credit mechanisms necessary to alleviate existing credit card processor funding pressures:

  • Internally –  by keeping existing company capital intact
  • and Externally – by providing funding for corporate clients who no longer wish to “pre-fund” in this economic environment.

Additionally, we can provide support for bidding new clients through our pre-approval process and can assist in presenting a compelling sales pitch to land new clients by having a funding mechanism already in place.

Corporate and Government

Revolving, credit commitment which provides up to 100% financing for the purchase and carry of residential homes acquired from transferees, including equity advances to relocation companies on behalf of transferring employees and mortgage payoffs as well as related reimbursable expenses. These fundings are associated with contracts executed between the relocation borrower and their various corporate entities.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Benefits of owning commercial real estate include tax advantages, controlling overhead costs, asset appreciation and more. Proficio Bank offers “owner-occupied” loans for purchase or refinance and will help make the typically complex commercial real estate purchasing process as simple as possible. Loans may be fixed or variable rate loans and may be amortized over a fixed period or in some cases involve a balloon payment.

Term Loans

Proficio Bank has helped relocation customers nationwide finance machinery, vehicles, furnishings, computers and other equipment their businesses need. Loans may be custom 2nd and 3rd position  structured with fixed or variable rate options and may be amortized over a fixed period or in some cases involve a balloon payment with an MCA funding option.