Relocation Funding

Most lending institutions simply don’t understand the relocation industry and the unique capital requirements of a relocation company.  Proficio Bank was born from the relocation industry.  Institutionally, we understand the business.

Proficio Bank was established in 2007 solely to support relocation service providers.  We felt there was lack of commercial focus that recognized the unique capital needs of relocation companies.  While our product offerings have expanded, relocation funding support continues to remain one third of our core business.  Our client partners find that our streamlined qualification process, favorable rates and terms are just what they are looking for.  While our core client partners remain third-party relocation service providers, we also support corporate clients directly as well as suppliers and vendors with up to 100% funding support products.

It is our goal to support the financial needs of relocation service providers, regardless of what area they support.  This allows our client partners to use their working capital for it’s intended purpose, not to facilitate relocation.  With Proficio Bank as your partner, the problem is solved by supplying the extra capital needed, so operations and business can continue without interruption.

Proficio Bank is active within the Employee Relocation Council and employs individuals holding both Certified Relocation Professional and Global Mobility Specialist designations.  We want our client partners to know that we employ individuals with a great understanding and respect for the industry and in fact have worked within it for many, many years.  Additionally, we have over 100 years of combined commercial banking experience.  Our client partners can feel comfortable knowing how vested we are in their success.  Continuing to demonstrate a commitment to service excellence, Proficio Bank is excited to be the best-fit for all relocation service providers.

Proficio Bank has been successfully lending to relocation companies with both corporate and government clients for years.  We are here to support your organization and look forward to reviewing the opportunities.

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