Proficio Bank’s Mission, Values, and Vision

Proficio Bank has developed a mission statement with accompanying core values and vision statement. Management uses its mission, values, and vision to focus the efforts of managers and personnel to achieve common goals that support its strategy as a niche lender. The vision, values, and mission are set form as follows:

IBI Merchant Solutions    –   Visible Results   –   Customer Obsessed

  • Integrity  – All our actions are directed to build customer trust, and nothing to the contrary is tolerated.
  • Excellence –  Quality results from individual commitment to excellence of our team members.
  • Team work –  We believe in and tenaciously pursue common goals and insist on respectful collaboration to achieve them.
  • Respect –  Every person is important and worthy of our respect. 

Proficio Bank will be the preferred financial services partner and acknowledged leader in its identified markets, building value in a rapidly evolving environment.